Disconnect to Reconnect - Couple Camping in Kerala 

"There is no wi-fi in the camping site, but I promise you will find a better connection.” In a world where we are connected 24/7 and never want to miss a moment, it’s important to disconnect from the outside world and live in the moment with your significant other; nothing says I love (or like, if you’re not quite there yet) you like your undivided attention"

Let’s say that you love camping and you want your partner with you on your next camping trip. Well, that’s completely a choice of your partner if He/she loves outdoors and wilderness for a perfect romantic getaway or just a fine Dining and a movie night out there will work for them. Everyone’s choices are different but couple camping is substantiated to be the most romantic and amazing experience for all the couples out there whether they love adventures or not. This is because, every couple gets sort of bored by going on those cliché dates like Long drives, movie, beach or just travelling to some other country. Camping surprisingly enhances the Trust, love and compatibility of the couples with a punch of exciting adventure that helps a lot in the future to build a stronger relationship. 

"Nothing says romance like the stars, a fire and bae, throw in a double sleeping bag and you have the ideal romantic weekend getaway. If you’re like me and have exhausted every avenue when it comes to romantic dates. I say look no further than the grabbing your significant other and heading outdoors to enjoy a few nights under the stars. Below I’ll outline camping ideas for couples, and how they can change up their usual date nights."

For couples about to embark on their first camping adventure, we advise finding a camp with utilities such as bathrooms, and electricity (to ensure your phone is charged for that Instagram moment, just make sure you upload it post-trip). Whether you fancy finding somewhere to relax and unwind, are looking for a range of exciting activities, love sport, want to enjoy the beautiful coastline, countryside or mountains, are looking for a romantic location or just fancy a city break, you’ll find that there’s plenty of fantastic campsites that will fit the bill.

Time Spent Camping Isn’t Time Wasted; It’s Time Invested

There is no greater gift you can give your significant other than your time and attention. Making new memories with your partner is worth more than money and it’s the best way to get to know your partner intimately whilst testing your resolve as you battle the elements.

Best Camping places in Kerala 


Wayanad is a classic beautiful place which is highly occupied with green areas, coffee plantations and offers adventures in its laps. The place attracts tourists from all over the world due to its wonderful hospitality, pleasant weather and amazing stays. voye.in  offers numerous  safe and secure couple camping packages available in Wayanad.   


The idyllic hill station Munnar - famous for its tea estates, exotic lush greenery and craggy peaks, is located in the Western Ghats, in the state of Kerala. It serves as the commercial centre for some of the world’s largest tea estates. In addition, Munnar has many protected areas which are home to endemic and highly endangered species like the Nilgiri Thar and the Neelakurinj.  Click here to view Couple Camping in Munnar .  

Near Calicut

Go to Estuary Camping - where you can connect only to your partner and nature, hear only his/her laughter and whispering breeze, and see the marvels of nature with each other. Walk together in nature, to understand each other better, laugh together, adventure together, build some loving memoir together. Why to quit when you have your soul mate holding your hand and ready to discover new, new within you and new around you. Feel the realm of nature looking into eyes’ of each other. Camping makes you happier - That’s right – camping goes a long way to improving your mood. It’s all to do with serotonin, that wonderful chemical our body produces that helps to make us happy. 

Click here - Estuary Couple Camping Near Calicut

For couples about to embark on their first camping adventure, we advise finding a camp with utilities such as bathrooms, and electricity (to ensure your phone is charged for that Instagram moment, just make sure you upload it post-trip).

The great outdoors nurtures romance and connection—if you're prepared. Like the thought of a romantic getaway? Don't hang around! Come and stay in our delightful campsites for a weekend.

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